MAC partners with a global network of suppliers domestically and internationally among which MAC selects the most appropriate in terms of technology and production capacity for each project. MAC has an open multidisciplinary approach that allows us to deal daily with the latest logistics and production practices that the market offers.
This enables MAC to configure and scale its supply chain, and above all, to make outsourcing decisions favoring the customer need’s: this includes flexibility, efficiency as well as the complete traceability of each product.


MAC applies the most effective supply strategy according to the requested result of  the customer. Our capacity to choose and apply various available production strategies and select those partners that are able to better provide functionality, speed and quality allows us to act in the most flexible manner for our customers.


One of MAC’s prerogatives is to lead each project towards full completion from the initial concept to the finished product.


Through our advanced ERP system, we have mapped in detail all of our business processes from design to production, from conception to completion.
Moreover, through our company’s web portal, we can constantly monitor the work flow from early prototyping through the various stages of production.
A close partnership with the customer is essential for MAC in order to create synergistic growth and obtain continuous feedback which allows us to optimize the costs of design and development for the client. With this kind of partnership MAC can offer different choices of the supply mode thus eliminating redundant marketing markups while achieving the maximum sustainability of the product and the overall business.
MAC Production Capabilities


We at MAC are very aware of the importance of the territory in which we live and work and the pride in the heritage and culture therein. But the need to expand is ever present, and therefore, for over two decades, MAC has established and maintained strong relationships within the Far East in order to respond to globalization demands in the areas of production and purchasing. Today, MAC has a complete production supply chain in Asia so that we can meet client needs, take on the challenges of a rapidly growing market, and play an active role in today’s world, and tomorrow’s.


MAC Production Quality


Quality for MAC is part of the foundation of the company and as a result is an essential part of our daily lives.

Starting from the beginning of the design and development phase, quality is a key-element of the whole project, aimed and defined according to the specific needs of the customer and the product.
MAC production quality standards come from data acquisition and functional testing systems capable of monitoring key indicators, which analytically check different stages of the production process, from the functional details to the end product.

All data is processed with sophisticated analytical systems that provide an invaluable wealth of information for the optimization of future project developments; the constant monitoring of the

operating parameters during life tests can prevent problems that could arise in the field.  At the same time MAC systematically monitors customer satisfaction through special indexes that are able to be implemented into the products which can provide upgrades to design and production in general.

Data appropriately stored and analyzed becomes an inexhaustible engine that can lead to the continuous improvement of processes and products.

Finally, our company also monitors the environmental aspects by signaling and then eliminating the impact of the critical issues on the environment itself.



MAC controls the whole process of quality through the following phases:

  • Guidance and Customer management:
    Communication and Satisfaction
  • Customer’s Requirements:
    Explicit, implicit and latent requirements
  • Design and Product Development processes
  • Industrialization and production processes
  • Design Audit, Review and Validation
  • Management of modifications
  • Procurement process
  • Techniques and methodologies for the monitoring and the evaluation of suppliers
  • Activities Planning
  • Production process and Delivery service
  • Management of equipment, testing and measuring instruments
  • Management of the nonconforming Product
  • Continuous improvement:
    Corrective and Preventive Actions


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