Innovation is about having an eye on tomorrow, predicting the market’s needs, and using our expertise to develop creative and new solutions from both an aesthetic and a technological point of view. Here at MAC, we follow one clear philosophy: make every thing you do revolve around the needs and demands of the end user.
How can that be accomplished? By putting ourselves in the shoes of the end user, by anticipating what they are feeling and what they are looking for, by recognizing the ingredients necessary to create a final product that is worthy of our end user. And it is these very ingredients that are at the heart of every MAC product — innovation, technology, design, and quality.
Yes, these ingredients are all essential as a whole. But, they have individual importance too, with every product that is designed, based on the interests of the end user.
Which is why technology is so important. Not in and of itself, but as an instrument to make our users’ lives better. Through our expertise this is possible, in areas ranging from mechanics and electronics to functionality and design. Design is essential too. It is about our care for form and materials, our attention to detail, ergonomics, functionality and quality. But it is more than that.
It is about a constant search to find the harmony in all of these aspects put together. And then there’s quality. Quality is what we expect our end users to actually see and hold when the product is finished. It is the result of an entire process of planning, creating, and producing, and it proves that our user is the measure of all that we do. And we do it with an approach that is more than just mechanical and technical skill. Today’s world requires a greater knowledge of community, of humanity, of the philosophy of life in general. And here at MAC, we strive to make that vision a reality.
MAC Our Vision - Ethics


At MAC, we take responsibility for the work we do, focusing not only on the good of the company, but also on the common good. There is a recognition that whatever is done — each project, each step toward business development – links us to our community, to our territory, and as a result, to the world. We at MAC apply this same attitude to the relationship we foster with our employees. By making the same commitment to our business product as we do to our staff, we are able to reaffirm that the overall quality of our work derives from the authenticity and passion that is put into the execution of each product. The two cannot be separated.

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Progress is about much more than development, and yet development itself is sometimes hard to define. Our definition of development may focus on innovation, yet it is deep within us, our heritage, our territory. This mindset stems from MAC’s roots in the Marche Region, where tradition and quality have been the norm for centuries. As a result, no matter how forward-thinking MAC is, its feet remain firmly planted on the ground.


To that end, we at MAC are able to create innovative and unique products which still reflect the values and history of our territory. Every product we make has, in part, this aim: to link the quality and reliability of our roots with an avant-garde perspective. A tangible mix of our past, present, and future.
Perhaps this is what guides us in our unique perspective on how the environment in which we live, work, and grow is connected to a more global territory.

Francis Bacon

The Africa Project

At MAC, our respect for the environment and our attention to the benefits and interests of others are not things that relate only to the products we produce. In fact, MAC is concerned about aspects of the global community that go beyond our front door. This is why MAC, in collaboration with the NGO “Comunità Volontari per il Mondo” (CVM), gives concrete support to a project in Africa which deals with the rights of women and children.


MAC has spent almost 10 years with CVM carrying out this project in different villages in Ethiopia, and while it may be impossible to reach everyone, MAC is steadfast in its belief that it can make an impact on the lives of people year after year by not abandoning the commitments that it makes. Some examples of this commitment include the building and maintaining of wells in different parts of the Kaffa region of Ethopia, and construction projects within schools around the region which have made it possible for more and more children to get an education. Our efforts also promote the independence of women in their work and family lives, bringing them back to their central role as decision makers within the household.

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