We create products that are a physical reflection of our philosophy.
From vision, to concept, to development, to production, we go beyond the product itself, creating a continuous experience for the user.


MAC stands out because we balance performance, technology and aesthetics in such a way that the final product reflects the modern innovation and design that people are naturally drawn to. Our team of engineers and designers strive to make this a reality, building intelligent cutting-edge products with invisible technology that are user-centric and forward thinking.



MAC has earned its place as a leader in the field of Wellness today due to their decades of work on highly innovative products for important industries in this sector.


Over the years, MAC has developed fundamental partnerships with internationally renowned brands such as Effegibi and Fantini Rubinetti, collaborating with internationally acclaimed architects such as Rodolfo Dordoni and Franco Sargiani, resulting in avant garde products that balance technology, beauty, quality and functionality. Over the years MAC has continued to create innovative products that have received prestigious awards in the Wellness sector including the ISH in Frankfurt and the Compasso d’ Oro ADI.


MAC’s aim is to create a harmonious balance between nature, design and technology, a perfect combination that makes each product a tangible mix of research, innovation, creativity, and development.


Year after year, MAC consistently confirms its role as a key player in the lighting sector. Thanks to the quality of the technology, the innovation, and the focus on the user experience, MAC has pioneered the development of authentic solutions for both indoor and outdoor lighting, including LED lighting, traditional technology, and street lighting. MAC has done many things to innovate this sector, including greatly increasing the ease of practical installation and implementing consistently modern functions in smart lighting. Here at MAC, we are dedicated to creating reliable, accessible, energy efficient products that are highly intuitive and adapted to the needs of the end user, thereby setting new standards in excellence every day.


When LED lighting began to make its way onto the market, MAC took on the role of determining the challenges and opportunities that they could face with the Power Supply and LED Driver.

  • Smart Electronics: embedded microcontroller solutions for high performance LED management
  • Completely configurable: a single code for many product solutions
  • Smart algorithms for LED lighting and LED Driver Management
  • Highly immune to line interference: 6 kV (L-N) and 10kV (L / N-PE) – with the objective of 15-20kV
  • Highly reliable, with a long product service life and thermal performance
  • It simplifies and lowers the installation costs and maintenance work of Smart Lighting.

Street Lightning

  • Developed by MAC,the OLA system Allows for the evolution of Street Lighting into Smart Lighting.
  • OLA was designed and implemented by MAC to be a complete system for the remote management and control of outdoor lighting
  • Created with the objective of, above all, being a Smart Lighting system with integration capabilities, dealing with the needs of Smart City residents.
  • Allows energy savings that vary from 40% to 60%
  • Ensures accurate lighting wherever and whenever


  • Lighting systems for monochromatic, biodynamic and RGB lighting, DALI control units – LonWorks – IP
  • User interface: touch screens and traditional keyboards
  • Smart Integrated Sensor
  • WiFi / DALI, ZigBee / DALI Converters
  • Software for programming and remote maintenance user interface software Also with Software user interface for Smart phone and tablets.
  • Emergency Lighting Systems


Mac’s well respected reputation in the sector of Smart Living, earned through its wide range of expertise and experience has naturally led MAC to the core design of the Smart Grids and Smart Cities of the future . MAC is committed to developing intelligent solutions for everyday living with a focus on environmental sustainability, resource and requirement coordination, and energy management. MAC’s objective is to transform urban spaces into smart living spaces by developing innovative solutions through new technological systems.

ENEL Pole - innovation by MAC

MAC´s innovation of the ENEL Pole Station sets national standards ENEL’s request was a charging station that could comfortably fit into an urban environment and used as an individual service station to recharge electric cars. The end result is a modern charging station that effortlessly fits into the urban landscape of today’s cities.


In a historical moment in which Italy is experiencing a great impulse in the energy market, MAC has been able to seize the opportunities for efficiency and energy saving promoted by the CHAIN ​​2 technology and by the installation of Open Meters throughout the national territory (Resolution ARERA 89/2017 / R / eel). The “Chain2Gate” (Plug version, DIN rail, OEM and Energy Meter) are the native CHAIN ​​2 devices to collect, manage and monitor the consumption and production data of the Open Meter.

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MAC’s history of experience in the Automation sector has led MAC to develop its own vision of the Smart Home. The ability to design,
implement and manage cooperating systems, naturally develops into a Home Automation solution that allows the end user to automate, control and optimize the functionality of a home environment (temperature control, lighting scenarios, safety and entertainment), providing efficiency and cost reduction, increased security and easy usage. But the MAC Smart Home goes further.

The intelligence becomes a structural element and gives the end user his desired comfort, without the need of invasive and complicated technological interfaces, but offers this through a system that becomes a qualitative interaction tool rather than just control and management.

That’s how the benefits of the Smart Home emerge and the house becomes a place of well-being for the individual. This is how the MAC
Smart Home has become the center of the new IoT Ecosystem; Smart and interconnected objects which come to life, enabling additional
functionality in the home (building security, energy awareness, comfort, management of technical alarms, health care), opening the doors to the replication of human decision-making through a Smart System.



MAC is at the forefront of designing smart objects and systems for the “active aging” sector. This includes preventive solutions to keep common disabling diseases under control. Today MAC’s technology is being used as a tool to promote the social, psychological and physical wellbeing of the elderly.


For many years MAC has teamed up with several leading Italian universities (University of Macerata, University Politecnico Milano) working on a daily basis with both philosophers and psychologists with the intent to bridge the gap between the worlds of technology and the humanities. It is thanks to these kinds of collaborations that new user centric ideas and solutions can be studied and developed, allowing MAC to personalize its products to the users’ needs more and more.


One of MAC’s recent projects is the AALISABETH project – Ambient Aware Lifestyle tutor , Aiming at a Better Health – funded by the Marche Region and the INRCA The purpose of the project was to create smart environments that monitor the lifestyle of the elderly ensuring better health and pursing a longer lifespan.

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