We are in the business of shaping the future.
MAC is a technological engineering and production firm that goes beyond the product.
By participating in everything from strategic market analysis and design to product engineering and industrialization, MAC follows the development cycle from start to finish. We are in the business of shaping the future, thanks to our experience and know how in the supply of technically advanced electronic devices and systems.
The internal expertise of our team allows MAC to be a strong and effective partner in the following fields: electronics, hardware, software / firmware engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial design, laboratory testing (safety, EMC, climatic), product certification and industrial production.
These characteristics have made it possible for us to reach the highest of standards in innovation, quality, production flexibility and economic efficiency.

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MAC Who We Are - Message from Luigi

A letter from
Luigi Mandolini

I have always thought of the world as if it was an extraordinary book. To me travelling was the best way to keep turning the pages so I could keep discovering new stories. During each trip the pleasure of getting lost and then finding my way back has continuously given me different perspectives and new points of view. I have tried to bring this approach to my company, reading the book of real life with open eyes looking for the right solutions, ready to discover new truths.

However, every story always needs a starting point, which in my case begins in the medieval town of Recanati, in the heart of the Marche region where I was born. Here I have deep roots in this rich land where my ancestors paved the roads with their own innovation and creativity before me.

The success of a company inevitably remains linked to its ability to open up to the world and to evolve; otherwise we risk being trapped in the past and miss the richness and complexity of the world that surrounds us.

Tomorrow is just beyond the edge of the next page. To seize it, you need perseverance, determination and the ability to turn difficulties into opportunities of growth and development. It is the breathe between tradition and discovery, between past and future, between reality and vision, that has created my identity and my company: and this continues to be a fascinating story that keeps pushing me to read on.

1968 — 1981 — Today

Our History



MAC was established by Carlo Mandolini as a laboratory which produced vacuum tube amplifiers for musical instruments. From the start of the 1940s, Carlo Mandolini was busy experimenting in his laboratory in a variety of areas, ranging from photography to radio broadcasting.


In the 1950s his passion for electronics and his remarkable manual skills made it possible for him to build the first TV and radio set in central Italy and, as many considered groundbreaking at the time, to record the concert of opera singer Beniamino Gigli in Recanati’s main square. He passed on this passion to his son Luigi who, by the time he was six years old, had already built his first crystal radio receiver in his father’s laboratory.


Progress in the music industry was at a standstill, so Luigi Mandolini made the important decision to convert MAC into a company focused on microprocessors and digital technology. This was a crucial step in the history of MAC: it changed the direction of the firm entirely. Where before the company thought primarily about engineering, now it was concentrated on client partnerships and finished products which were ready for the market.


MAC not only designs, engineers and produces high-tech device se but it is also able to satisfy the needs of the market and to proceed with expertise in the new evolving scenarios.



At MAC, we are constantly working hard to improve in all areas, and we have done so from the start. Over the years, MAC has received various awards recognizing our achievements.

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